Photobucket can kiss my arse !

I created the LANDYVLAD site because photobucket screwed me (and millions of others) over.

Most of the photos I had put on numerous forums disappeared overnight.  This included technical articles and trip reports on Land Rover forums, build threads on motorcycle forums, and lots more besides.

Previously webshots had done a very similar thing.

Everyone seems to be moving to Imgur now, but it can only be a matter of time before any free service stops being free… So how to get around this?

What I did

I purchased a domain name here:
(price varies, but from as little as $12/year)

A lite web hosting plan here:
($3.95 / month for 1GB of space, or $5.95 for 10GB)

Installed wordpress

and Piwigo (photo hosting software)

Now I have control over everything.  As I have my own domain name I can change hosts at any time and my links to photos will still work !

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