Vlad’s Range Rover LSE – “Luxo-Barge”

Episode 2: The Luxo-Barge

The old EB Falcon was finally giving us the irits to an excessive degree, given that the drivers window wouldn’t wind down AND the air con was terminally stuffed. So we sold it and looked around for another car.

Now being a Land-Rover addicted nutter, I had intended buying a manual diesel Discovery. But since it was going to be her car that was ruled out because she wanted:
a) an automatic (for traffic)
b) a petrol (for zip) and
c) not a Discovery as the roofline was too high to fit in her work car park.

Then a friend in the LR club told me about a ’95 LSE that was for sale. This model was the duck’s nuts of it’s time.

Essentially its a Classic Range Rover body but running most of the P38 technology) and its had an 8″ stretch to accomodate the rear seat passengers in royal comfort.

It went well, looked good, and was comfy as all get-out so $12.500 changed hands and it was ours.




As any Landy owner knows, there’s always something to tinker with or add so I have added:

– well, nothing, so far
(It has pretty much everything you need, and I’m not allowed to buy the things I just WANT).

Wish list:

– Alloy rims with AT tyres.
– Roof pod for storage of stuff
– UHF radio

Problems so far:
Oh dear where to start….

Let’s just say “Air Suspension” (I did fix it and am very glad I didn’t do a coil conversion!)

“On the bump stops”


Existing modifications:

– Steel 7″ Disco rims
– Custom Rear Bar (possibly ARB ?)

– a 3rd row of seats has been fitted, complete with mod plate. A previous owner obviously had numerous kids, while I have none. The nephews like ’em so I’ve left them in for now.

As with my other Landy I am hoping I won’t have any more problems with it…… touch wood.
(of which there is plenty fitted to the doors and dash)

I’ve taken it off road several times, nothing too difficult or around Lantana, and its very good I must say.



Out & About….



Vlad’s Defender 110 – “Doris”

Episode 1: Doris



defender proud1

I had been wanting a Ute for years and had recently established an equity loan with the bank (what a nightmare!) so I bit the bullet and decided to
get a Ute. I had also wanted a four wheel drive for many years and it had
been my dream to own a Land Rover for as long as I can remember.

I began by researching 4wd’s on the net and was originally looking at
LandCruisers and Patrols in my price range (ie up to $15,000). One day I
came across an internet ad for a Defender Ute, $15,000. Sounded good but it was in Bundaberg. Never mind it’s only 3 1/2 hours or so away – so I jumped on the tilt-train at the last minute and headed to Bundy.

When I test drove the Landy I kept turning on the wipers instead of
indicating (amateur mistake, but I still do it sometimes after driving the
Falcon!) and I LOVED it ! The missus had a drive and I expected her not to like it, but I was wrong. So before she had a chance to change her mind, I agreed to buy it.

An RACQ report, another trip back to Bundy, and a lighter wallet later….
it was MINE ! Oh Happy Day….

Drove it home from Bundy and couldn’t stop smiling !

What is it exactly? A 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 (200 Tdi) – Trayback Ute.

As any Landy owner knows, there’s always something to tinker with or add so I have added:
– CD player (It didn’t even have a radio, nor provision for one, when I
bought it)
– Fire Extinguisher
– Recovery Gear (Snatch strap, shackles, long handled shovel, bow saw)
– ARB Winch Bar (No, I can’t afford a winch yet but the price difference was only $50)

Wish list:
– Lightforce spotlights
– New 6.5 or 7 inch rims with BFG AT or MT Tyres.
(I have since added 7″ Disco rims, and BFG Muds)
– Canvas top for tray
– (Ideally) A new Td5 110 in a dual cab ute format. (Sway bars suck – who needs ’em ! )

Problems so far:
One day while idling there was a sudden and continuing loud clunking noise
– a bad expensive sounding noise, like big end damage. I was sh**ing
myself…. So I stopped it and had it towed to MR Automotive. The mechanic said “Hmm, sounds like big end damage..expensive). I was still sh**ing myself. Anyway, it turned out that one of the rocker arms had broken (yeah, I know!) But how it made that noise… ?!.

and hopefully I won’t have any more problems with it…… touch wood.

I’ve taken it off road several times in the months that I’ve owned it –
anytime that work and other commitments allow and it’s great. (now that I’ve owned it for years it’s been off road a lot, and I’m still thrilled with it !) I wouldn’t swap it for anything (except perhaps another Landy)


Out & About


P.S. After I bought it a mate retouched a photo with the number plate “DORIS”  which I stupidly posted on www.aulro.com  This was NOT my Landy’s name. It’s just my idiot mate’s dinosaur joke. He has a Toyota…….. Corolla. Anyhow the aulro blokes wouldn’t let it go, so she’s known as DORIS for all eternity now !  That’s the idiot mate, there in the red shirt in that earlier photo…..