Photobucket can kiss my arse !

I created the LANDYVLAD site because photobucket screwed me (and millions of others) over. Most of the photos I had put on numerous forums disappeared overnight.  This included technical articles and trip reports on Land Rover forums, build threads on motorcycle forums, and lots more besides. Previously webshots had done a very similar thing. Everyone seems to be moving to Imgur now, but it can only be a matter of time before any free service stops being free… So how to get around this? What I did I purchased a domain name here: (price varies, but from as little as $12/year) A lite Continue Reading →

Vlad’s Fraser Island Odyssey ( 2004 )

Prelude At about 4:30 on Friday afternoon the clutch of the Defender began slipping badly. I was progressing at a rate under 20kph as a result and given I had planned to get away to Fraser Island from that weekend, I was slightly panicked and stressed. A quick trip (actually a very slow trip, but luckily it’s not far) to M.R. Automotive and they had me on the way again. Proved not to be the clutch but the hydraulics system, just needed bleeding properly. Disaster number 1 averted. Day 1 – Sunday Had the ute all packed up and ready Continue Reading →

Fraser Odyssey II: The Return of the Vlad ( 2005 )

For those who have not visited Fraser Island, I suggest you read the first instalment of this saga first.   But now on with the show…… Day 1 – Saturday Arriving at Inskip Point we aired down the tyres (I opted for 22 psi tis time) and headed across the sand to the barge landing area where there were two barges waiting – the Manta Ray and the Fraser Venture. Out the front of each were crew frantically waving you toward their particular vessel, in an attempt to get your business. In any event, we opted for the ‘Manta Ray’ Continue Reading →

Vlad’s Fraser Island Frolic – Easter 2010

(perhaps better titled “I thought I was going to die but was wrong. Here’s Why”) Thursday Awoke to somewhat ominous weather, but there was no stopping now. (Well OK there might have been but we weren’t hanging around the house for the Easter Holidays for anyone!) The trip up to Inskip Point via Gympie and Rainbow Beach was uneventful. At Inskip we lowered the tyre pressures (I chose 25psi this time) and as usual we had the choice of the two barges. There is the Manta Ray (locally owed and operated, and our preference) and the Fraser Island Ferries one. Continue Reading →

Vlad’s Defender 110 – “Doris”

Episode 1: Doris     I had been wanting a Ute for years and had recently established an equity loan with the bank (what a nightmare!) so I bit the bullet and decided to get a Ute. I had also wanted a four wheel drive for many years and it had been my dream to own a Land Rover for as long as I can remember. I began by researching 4wd’s on the net and was originally looking at LandCruisers and Patrols in my price range (ie up to $15,000). One day I came across an internet ad for a Continue Reading →